Shipping:  We ship all orders within 2 business days of order by USPS Priority Mail. This usually takes (2-3 days.)  Our shipping costs are a very reasonable $7.95 per order.  Orders placed on Friday will be shipped on Monday. We aren't able to ship to international buyers due to customs plant restrictions.

Payment:  We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as forms of payment.  When you order from our shop rest assured it is safe and protected by several layers of security. 

Living air plantsSince we are dealing with living plants -the plants used in your arrangement may not be in the exact  stage of bloom as pictured.  Please take this into consideration when placing your order.  The air plants pictured will be used but possibly not in bloom. Each variety of air plant blooms during it's season.  Many of the Ionantha (small plants) bloom in November around Thanksgiving. In the wood category please allow for variations in the woods you see.  The measurements are approximate and colors can vary. 

Replacement: We have a 30 day replacement guarantee on every order.  If you should have any problems with the arrangement you ordered please contact us right away by email:  We want you to be happy with our products.  That is one of our primary concerns.

Air plant Care: An air plant care sheet is included with each order.  Please read it over and use the instructions to care for your arrangement.  Air plants need indirect light, water at least once a week and moving air in the room where they are kept.  I know you will enjoy them as much as we do. You will find that air plant arrangements make the perfect office gift.  They will thrive and flourish with the office lights and water.  An arrangement will offer wonderful green comfort to an office environment. They will also provide oxygen and humidity to the air. Our arrangements are perfect for "tiny homes" and RV's.